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Broken Mast

Your adventure begins in here.

You were sent here by a mercenary named Richard who was fighting the goblins in Teress Plain. On the island of Broken Mast, rests the Morten Gear pirate ship. Under the great command of Morten, this majestic pirate ship ruled over the entire Quotess Ocean. Morten died fighting at the sea, a true pirate's death. You can probably tell just by looking at the shape Morten gear's in now, but Morten knew that Morten Gear's time was up. It's an old ship that's been Passed down Through many generations. That's why Tian had it modified so we could live in it. Instead of becoming a pirate, Tian began working with the people of Ingen in accordance with Morten's will. Many of the pirates would not have anything to do with landlubbers if it weren't for the decision Morten and Tian made. Needless to say, those who were opposed to Tian's decision followed Moken. He and his followers have been looking to destroy Tian ever since.

The island is now controlled by Morten's only daughter, Tian. She now stands as the heir to the Morten's pirate empire. Tian and Moken are both Morten's children, they each had a different mother, making them half-siblings. Before he died, Morten named Tian, not Moken, as his successor." (No idea what's this one saying) Morken believed that he was the rightful heir to the Morten Gear, and swore to fight against Tian for control of the ship and control of the Broken Mast Island.


The strategic location of Ingen on the western seaside of Rendel has turned the quiet fishing town into one of the busiest ports in the country. Ships traveling across the great Quotess Ocean dock in Ingen to unload cargo and restock on supplies. Fishermen arrive with the early morning's catch of fish to sell to local restaurants. Those tired from the day's work usually head towards the Timot's Inn.

Though unaffected by the plague, Ingen still sits in a state of peril due to the presence of Rengot Goblins. North of Ingen is the Teress Plain, and subsequently, the Rengot Village. The Rengot Goblins have tirelessly tried to assault the strong hold of Ingen, however due to the presence of Rendel Knights, their attempts have yet to succeed.

Teress Plains

Teress Plains are made up of peaceful farms evil bandits fearsome wolves hostile goblins and much much more only a simple walk north from Ingen the plains lead to Rengot village and Hero's Lane with caves here and there

Rengot Village

Rengot Village a wild untamed land home to the Rengot Goblins and other wild dangerous wild life

Hero's Lane

Hero's Lane holds a great grave yard where the dead does not stay dead skeletons corpse's ghosts and more can be found wondering the graves and roads of this gloomy place. Catacomb of the damned and contaminated garden can be found here.

Mt. Eda

Mt. Eda this snowy mountain area is full of fearsome monsters and the great war between the troll tribe and the ogre tribe. Mt. Eda holds the War zone where players can face off in duels to the death. deep inside this frozen war stained area lives the mighty Yeti.

Makot Village



Probably the most beautiful city in Rendel. Reitz is the place where rich folks gathered and is also a shelter from the epidemic which broke out in Rhiode and other places.
Reitz host some special artisans which you won't be able to find in other places. You can craft special soup/buff (stronger than Ingen's buff), musical instruments which have special abilities, special level 38 Rings and Necklaces etc. You can also make new dance move (break dance) from the Old NPC in Reitz. Except Hellhound portal, you can probably do more things in Reitz than in Ingen.

Rietz Sewers

Its the slum area of Reitz. Its underground below Reitz city and host many ferocious Monster.
The sewer is not a place for the weak. The monsters there are strong and hard to kill. There are 3 (three) special monster worth mentioning;
~ Poluto
~ Fungus
~ Tyrant Zombie

Grand Wall of Silence

A grand wall erected to keep the monsters of Cowen Marsh away from Riode.

Collapse Grand Wall Of Silence

You can enter the collapse version of Grand Wall Of Silence after you defeat the Weakened Chimera in Grand Wall Of Silence. Once you enter Collapse Grand Wall Of Silence, you can no longer go back to Grand Wall Of Silence as you progress the main story line.
~ New types of monster are there to slain.
~ New quest available.
~ Monster Invasion (Monster can invade the town at certain time of the day.
~ Portal to Cowen Marsh (Next Map).

Epic Mt. Eda

A higher level variant of Mt. Eda accessible only at late game (levels 35 and up) through a NPC teleporter.

Cowen Marsh

The outside world, outside the grand wall.