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RaiderZ Defender Class.png

Defender Style Defender Style

Weapons: 1H Sword, 1H Mace

Characteristics: Provides defense and survivability for groups.

Counterattack Counterattack Focus

Increases Attack for a short time after full block or use of certain skills. Allows use of additional skills.

Defender Style
A well-rounded style that uses one-handed weapons and shields. The Counterattack focus lets them increase their attack power by blocking attacks. Their skills focus on surviving.

Major skill preview

  Rush  Massive Strike  Bastion


The Defender style is arguably the most versatile style in the game. The ability to soak up great amount of damage only to come out relatively unscathed, as well as being able to pump out large amounts of DPS makes the Defender style the ideal style soloing. Those fortunate enough to team up with a skilled Defender will be blessed with a great support character since the defender is able to play multiple roles in the team. Those who invested heavily in the defender style should generally be able to play the role as the tank, filling the role of attracting the majority of the aggression, leaving your team ample breathing space to wipe out and decimate any who dares stand in your team's way.

Those choosing the path of the Defenders will firstly be able to tank nearly anyone whose foolhardy enough to attack you with your shields up. This is due to skills such as Defense Mastery, which increases the chance to totally block damage and partially block a percentage of incoming damage and Bastion which lets you block even unblockable attacks as well as the added benefit of lowering all incoming damage by a percentage. Secondly, though Defenders is the namesake of the style, the style doesn't lose out in terms of damage. Skills such as Retribution, which after blocking increases the next physical damage by a large percentage as well as increasing your movement speed, Rapid Assault which lets you stun adversaries for a considerably long duration as well as heavily damaging them, and Slam which does extremely large percent of damage as well as knocking down those on the receiving end makes the Defenders a force to be reckon with. And lastly, those pursing this path will be granted access to various fortifying skills which will not only fortify yourself, but those fortunate to be in your party.

Defenders comes in two varieties, those wielding the One-Handed Sword and those with the One-Handed Maces. From a technical point of view, those wielding the sword will be able to dish out more physical damage, whereas those with the mace will be able to deal out more magical damage. For those looking to hybrid, Sword Defenders are restricted to the Defender and the Sorcerer style as opposed to the Mace Defenders, who are similarly restricted to the Defender and Cleric styles. Generally speaking, Sword Defenders are mainly popular to the Defender-reliant/Defender-only crowd this is due to the poor synergization magical damage has with the majority of the Defender skills, which is physical damage. However, where Sword Defenders falls short at, Mace Defenders excel at, this is because due to Cleric's unique ability to heal oneself, which is based on magical damage, this combined with the already imposing nature of Defender style will make the Mace Defenders truly indomitable.

As initially stated, the path of the Defender is possibly the most versatile one in the game. It doesn't lose out in terms of survivability, nor does it lack in damage and support, most importantly it allows for plenty of hybriding. Everything considered, this path is an excellent choice for heroes to be.

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